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'Undo' Album CD


1.Hollow Hands 04:16
2.Paint Me 02:50
3.No Sense To Call 04:02
4.Scarlet 02:33
5.For You 04:50
6.Invisible 04:02
7.Reach For The Wire 02:13
8.Jar 04:44
9.The Living 03:49
10.Murder 04:19

Recorded by Paul Mcinally in 45aside Studios Glasgow 2015.
Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent studios.
UNDO is Iain Bethel, Joe Campbell, Fraser Welsh, Alan Rodrigues.
released February 24, 2017

'marrying the same kind of rage to the same kind of melody, almost every song is worth a repeated play within a few seconds of the first listen'-The Skinny